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Online Coaching with Sue Bodine

Meet Sue 

Certified Integrative NLP Coach & Master Practitioner of NLP, MER & Hypnosis 

Hi there, I’m Sue 


I empower entrepreneurial-minded professionals and business owners on how to hack their mind so they can have unshakable confidence and clarity to get results.  

Achieving massive success in your career or business isn’t about working yourself into the ground, it’s about creating long-lasting changes that allow you to do the things you love.

I’m obsessed with results which is why it’s my mission to help you positively change your life and business through my tried and tested business and mindset strategies.

Sue Bodine, Pathfinder

What can you expect from working with me?


Identify and destroy the invisible enemy that prevents you from living life on your terms and break through obstacles in your way!

​Master the 4-step success formula that is the #1 reason why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

​Eliminate stress and overwhelm with Sue’s system for managing your time & achieving the goals that matter most in every area of your life!

Create unlimited natural energy in your body so you can give more, be more, do more and serve more.

​Overcome that "stuck" feeling for good with proven psychological tools... prepare for a massive breakthrough.

​Get the unfair advantage that the best athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs have in common... then watch your goals become your new reality!


What I Specialize In

Real Estate Professionals/Investors 

Start-up Business Coaching 

Business owners who wants to scale 

Mental and Emotional Release® & NLP 

If you are sitting on a ledge, knowing that there is something missing, it may be Sue Bodine that is your missing link. I had an awakening through our session(s). There are times when we know things, yet do not apply what we know, yet we know. Sue managed to get deep into my knowing to awakening a serious light that opened up what I already knew and add that special information to make what I know into reality.
I can only say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. If you feel stuck, perhaps depressed, have a heavy heart with mounting fear - then I humbly suggest to connect with Sue Bodine. Her coaching has given new meaning to wanting to wake up and see reality and making it happen.
There are many coaches out there in our world. I have worked with many others.. Sue Bodine is the first coachI felt inspired to comment on the connection she brought into my world to light up my knowledge, and have me propel into my future reality (after I could remember how to walk, to run into my future with gleeful abandon), knowing all is good and working perfectly, as I intend. Sue Bodine - knows what she doing - to dig into your head and remove the blockages keeping one stuck. My life just keeps getting better and better. Maybe yours will, too if you are open and ready for a truly remarkable life!“”

Sue is a very intelligent, passionate and talented business coach. She has a very high EQ and is incredibly adept at understanding your own unique situation and then asking you effective questions to help lead you to a strategic action plan that gets results. I am a professional coach and I chose Sue to be my personal coach to help me get better from week to week. No matter what your level of proficiency in business or in your career, you will be very fortunate if you get the opportunity to be coached by Sue.

Are you a leader, entrepreneur or business owner looking to get some personalized help to fast-track your progress? 

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