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4 Step Plan to Unlimited Motivation and Self-discipline

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

It’s Day 10 to your MAX POTENTIAL!

Change the way you think and tap into unlimited motivation and self-discipline.

“Complete Self-Discipline” is #10 on Napoleon Hills’ list for real riches.

Self-discipline is the art of mastering taking consistent action in line with your highest standards. So, whatever you intent to do on a regular basis in order to achieve some future goal, the process of doing these intentions regularly is self-discipline.

Sounds simple right? Then why do most of us fail miserably with self-disciple and self-motivation?

Do you brush your teeth every day? Where do you get the self-disciple and motivation to do that daily?

The answer is yes, of course. How did you get the self-discipline and motivation to do it?

Well...when you were growing up you were told by your parents and teachers that if you did not brush your teeth you would get cavities and perhaps you may lose your teeth. You tried it and saw that this was true, so you made a decision to brush your teeth.

You had a strategy how or when to do it. Eventually this became unconscious where you started doing it without even thinking about it.

You can apply this to your goals, making more money or getting healthier.

First you need to make a decision.

Then you need to come up with a strategy. A strategy that is tested and proven.

You commit to your decision as to what you are going to do. Then you need to keep practicing and making it unconscious until you achieve what you want.

But wait, here’s where most people don’t make the connection why self- disciple does not work: any time you try to implement a new habit, you can face resistance. You may start and then stop. You may start to self- sabotage. You tell yourself that you need more motivation and self-discipline to overcome this resistance.

This resistance is a message that the commitment you have made to your goal is in conflict with a value you have. Find the positive intent (value) of that resistance. What is that part of you that is trying to get you to pay attention? Get in touch with that intent and see what it is trying to signal to you. In essence, this intent or value want to be part of the whole process so find a way to integrate it with your new habit or goal.

If you try to put the resistance away or push it away, it will come back and sabotage your goal. In some instances, you can try to push through resistance and get what you want but it will not feel right or fulfilling. At some point in time, you will need to address the underlying issue or resistance.

Motivation is great to get you started but it only gives you an energy boost for a certain amount of time. Good example would be new year’s resolutions. Many people at the beginning of the year set a goal and end up being motivated for a short period of time and never stick with their goal long term or until they achieve them.

OK so here’s the recap If you want to get long lasting results:

1. Make a decision

2. Commit to your decision

3. Have a strategy that works

4. Check to see if there is any resistance

I use many different techniques in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with my clients to integrate the resistance and transform the resistance to get long lasting results and positive habits.

Max your potential question: what is one step you can take that will bring more self-discipline?

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