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Ghosts from the past and Freedom from fear

It’s Day 4 to your MAX POTENTIAL!

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Truth is… we are all experiencing fear and doubt at one point or another. Especially now with the Pandemic lurking at our doors. I often hear from my clients about worry and fear about economic conditions. I hear things like the economy is bad, it’s COVID, nobody is going to buy my services and products.

When we dive deep into these thoughts, we find that they fear of failure or having doubt about their own ability to succeed – Ghosts from the past.

While some of our fears may be easily pin pointed…such as giving a speech, making a sale, asking for a raise, giving constructive feedback to an employee….Some of them may not be that obvious. Good examples would be signing up for a gym membership at the beginning of the year and after a couple of months quitting or having great business ideas but never taking action or not being able to scale your business….

Which ghosts from the past are standing in your way?

Do you have a success consciousness or a poverty consciousness?

How has the fear of criticism from others held you back?

Are you taking great care of yourself to have the strength and energy to give your best?

Whose approval are you worried about losing?

If every one of us experience ghosts from the past, then what sets us apart from those who overcome their fear? Even in the times like now… The answer simply points to our thoughts. Because thoughts become emotions and emotions drive our decisions and actions.

The choice is yours…

You can continue to automatically think thoughts that cause fear, doubt, and anxiety whenever something happens that you’re uncomfortable with.

Or you can consciously choose empowering thoughts that make you feel more empowered.

Sometimes all we need to overcome fear is just to take a small step toward what we want, even when we have no idea what the next step will or should be.

Max your potential question: What is one small step you can take to overcome your ghost of the past?

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