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Hobbits insight to succeeding in unprecedented times

It’s Day 1 to your MAX POTENTIAL!

In the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Hobbits are the protector of the Ring and protecting it from getting in the hands of evil forces. Hobbits are the chosen ones because they are very resistant to temptation in their stout hearts.

Fear, greed, hate, and other negative emotions are not generally found in Hobbits, at least not in great quantities. It is the Hobbit’s nature to be resistant to corruption. They are simple, stout little people with plain, simple desires; they have a positive outlook on life and have an earthy kind of wisdom. Generally, this manifests as being good judges of character and knowing right from wrong.

If you think about non-fiction application, you will find that when you keep a positive mental attitude, you can be resilient, persevere and overcome what life throws at you.

“A positive mental attitude is a must for all who wish to make life pay off on their own terms. Nothing great was ever achieved without a positive mental attitude.” –Napoleon Hill

A positive outlook in life gives you the ability to perceive opportunity within every interaction and circumstance. And it keeps your mind open to receive new information, creative ideas, and conceive ways to innovate.

A positive mental state is a success mind-set which assures the attainment of optimal mental, physical, spiritual, and financial success. It gives you the mental strength necessary to attain a well-balanced life of wealth and well-being.

And... let’s not forget the body-mind connection. When you have positive mental attitude, you are also relaxing your nervous system and in return reducing stress. When you have less stress, you are able to have stamina to endure long hours of work and most importantly when you are not stressed you are able to see things more clearly and make the right decisions.

With the right tools and positive mental attitude, the IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE.

Being a hobbit in this ever changing and challenging world may not be that bad after all, well… except of course having big and hairy feet 😊

Max your potential question: What is one positive mental attitude you will implement today in your business or career?

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