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How to tap into your ZONE of GENIUS

It’s Day 8 to your MAX POTENTIAL!

"Be engaged in a labor of love" is #8 on Napoleon Hill's list for real riches.

How is it that both LABOR and LOVE are in one sentence and creates riches ?

Have you ever noticed when you do something you enjoy, you do not seem to get tired or bored or frustrated?

"The possibilities of creative effort connected with subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable" N. Hill

When you do something you really love; you have fun, and you fill up with joy and you feel invincible. And from this space you feel creative, in the flow…in your ZONE of GENIUS. This is the secret to success and wealth.

If you are getting into work in the morning and you feel like it’s groundhog day and trying to find ways to get out of work then it’s time to reconsider your purpose and the meaning of what you do and why you do it.

The truth is you are here to do what you are meant to do; what brings you joy and happiness. So, the question is how did you end up where you are in the first place?

Early on in life we are conditioned to achieve certain milestones such as; go to colleague, get a good job and have a family. This is not your dream; it’s your parent’s dream or perhaps it’s a dream you adopted from someone else you really admired growing up. Or someone told you in school this is the way.

The values and beliefs you have dictate everything you do so if you are here and feeling like you need to make a change you need to evaluate your values first. Be aware of anything that might be a limiting belief.

Good news is it’s never too late to make a change and find something that is going to put your soul on fire, make you happy and bring meaning and purpose into your life.

Ask yourself this question: what brought me joy when I was growing up that I do not do anymore? Then follow that.

Max your potential question: How can you find your Zone of Genius and bring happiness and joy to what you do?

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