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May the force of harmony be with you

It’s Day 3 to your MAX POTENTIAL!

Did you think that Star Wars Trilogy was about good vs evil? No, it is about relationships. Imagine for a second if everyone lived in peace and harmony in the galaxy far away….Right….

Well...then we might have a really boring movie sequel in our hands 😁

Disharmony in human relations gives rise to not only wars but to almost all other problems directly or indirectly related to us. Split in families, the rising number of cases of dissatisfied work force, even most of the psycho-somatic diseases which are caused by stress or mental tension are due to disharmony in human relations.

After decades of scientific research and with the help of recent discoveries in quantum physics, we now know that thoughts are energy and problems are mainly the creations of our mind, our own attitudes, and our own negative thinking. Hence, to create harmony, we need to first disarm our minds in order to dismantle the forces of disharmony.

Be a Jedi of our own thoughts and train ourselves not to go to the dark side.

There is no “self-made” success story. All the success stories point to relationships, nurturing those relationships and investing in them. I heard the other day that Grant Cardone paid millions of dollars to have an hour with his mentor.

Healthy relationships come hand in hand with true success. Show me a successful person, and you will find someone with a bevy of deep, true, meaningful relationships.

“Men take on the nature and the habits and the POWER OF THOUGHT of those with whom they associate in a spirit of sympathy and harmony.” Henry Ford

Max your potential question: What is one action you can take today to create harmony in your relationships, personally or professionally?

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