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Open Your Mind; Create Your Wealth

“Open mind on all subjects and on all people” is #9 on Napoleon Hills’ list for real riches.

It’s Day 9 to your MAX POTENTIAL!

Most of us like to consider ourselves as open-minded. One of the great challenges is to move outside of our own comfort zone. We tend to cling to our own set of beliefs that bring us comfort and what is familiar.

When faced with a growing complexity in life, we seek the support of those beliefs that we assume to be right. All of us engage in this action to some extent by tending to associate with others who hold the same or similar sets of beliefs. Why?

Your subconscious mind is pulling you towards what feels "Familiar" to you. You may have heard this quote before: "When we're faced with something that's familiar versus what we truly desire, we'll choose what's FAMILIAR to us every time."

Our commitment to survival has our subconscious programmed this way. So when you're faced with something that's familiar versus something that's NOT familiar – since you've survived your past, your subconscious wants to say "you've survived this" and you'll feel drawn to what feels familiar to you.

By being aware of what is familiar and set of beliefs that drive our thoughts and actions we can start to see patterns and engage in making changes in those patterns that is no longer serving us. Getting rid of limiting beliefs will allow you to shift your perspective and keep an open mind.

Has any successful person in business, politics, science, or any other profession managed to achieve his/her success without a solid understanding of human nature and open mind? No.

Throughout history, individuals like Andrew Carnegie have possessed very little formal education or family wealth when they started along their life paths. However, all of them mastered the skills of drawing others to themselves.

Furthermore, these figures achieved this goal in a way that benefitted all who gathered around them. In doing so, they also benefitted themselves.

Wisdom lives in the realm of our intuitive senses. We develop it through experiences that lead to the understanding of the nature of ourselves and to others around us as well as to the universe.

Wisdom with which to understand human nature can lead directly to the creation of true wealth. This process rarely occurs the other way around.

Max your potential question: What are your limiting beliefs that you can start becoming aware of now? And how can you achieve higher level of acceptance and understanding of human nature?

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