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Riches Begin with Sound Health

It’s Day 2 to your MAX POTENTIAL!

“Everyone desires to be rich. But not everyone knows what constitutes enduring riches, and most people believe riches consistently only in material things that money can buy”

In the book 12 things which constitute real riches by Napoleon Hill, Sound Physical Health is #2 on the list after #1 Positive Mental attitude. Check out my previous post for #1 "Hobbits insight to succeeding in unprecedented times"

In my previous blog post I touched on body-mind connection which is inseparable. Simply because you cannot achieve any success if you are ill, and hospitalized or severely restricted by any illness, right?

As long as you are in good health you can play the game of life and experience success. If you want to enjoy the things you do with enthusiasm your body will need to be in a good condition to support it.

But before you can make the commitment to keep your body in good physical condition you first need to have your mind in a right place. Positive habits can only start in your mind.

First place to make sure there is no disorder is your personal and work relationships. Why? Because these are the places, we spent most of our time. You are not going to be healthy or happy, and certainly will not have peace, if your relationships are based on conflicts and arguments.

There are innumerable amounts of evidence and research in the area of how emotions such as hate, fear, anxiety and stress effects our body and cause illnesses. Understanding the cause of these emotions and eliminating them is the key to success, prosperity, wealth, and health.

So how do you maintain sound health? Dr. Hill talks about having a system in place. Here’s suggestions by Dr. Napoleon Hill in conduce of health conciseness:

1. Positive Mental Attitude

2. Eating habits

3. Relaxation

4. Sleep

5. Patience

6. Hope

7. Freedom

8. Prayer/Faith

9. Fasting

10. Work (based on the hope of achieving chief purpose in life)

Max your potential question: What is one positive habit you can implement today to maintain sound health?

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