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What do SEALS and Overwhelm have in common?

There is one common challenge I hear from business owners and entrepreneurs all the time: How can I reduce or eliminate overwhelm and stress?

There are many different answers and techniques I use for this question and but today I’d like to share with you what we can learn from SEALS.

I really do admire their mental toughness, don’t you?

SEAL training is notoriously difficult….But often you hear SEALS say: There’s no single element that’s extraordinarily difficult.

When do you think most people quit SEAL training?

If you guessed Hell Week (like me), great guess.

But wrong.

It’s a 1-mile beach run. No time requirement. Just lightly jogging.

That’s it.

The catch: you don’t know when it will end. Run until the instructors tell you to stop.

So why do so many quit when all they need to do is lightly jog?

Most people quit in one of the easiest ventures.

Simple: they fail to stay present. Because that’s how we are wired, we are wired to put things in place relative to time and space.

So instead of thinking about the next step, they wonder when it will end.

They tell themselves they can’t do this for hours longer.

They become overwhelmed and then mentally broken. Feel overwhelmed and stressed.

How to apply this:

Focus on what you’re doing right now.

Not later today, not tomorrow, not next week.

Practice training your mind to stay in THIS moment.

You’ll fail - it’s okay. Just bring yourself back.

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